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Fashion Design as a discipline has evolved from being a whimsical, wearer-led, phenomenon to an industry where designers and labels establish and guide customer preferences. A formal degree in Fashion Designing is ideal for students with a penchant for the creative fields and a desire to explore their artistic and technical skills in in an industry valued north of $3 trillion globally. The programme will help students explore their creative identity and refine it further as they unpack the myriad layers of the discipline. Fashion Design being a practical discipline demands rigorous hands-on exposure with a mature awareness of the complexities of the world of Fashion. Students graduating from the programme will be able to use design thinking and creative problem-solving strategies to create appealing, sustainable and responsible fashion for a rapidly evolving industry.

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  • 61 Industrial Sewing Machines
  • Five Super Heavy Lockstitch Machine
  • One Button Hole Machine
  • One Button Tacking Machine
  • Three Needle Chain-stitch Machine
  • One Bar-tack Machine
  • One Feed of the Arm Machine
  • One Heavy Duty Waking Foot Machine
  • One Heavy Duty 5 Thread Overlock Machine
  • One 4 Thread Overlock Machine
  • One Flat Lock Machine
  • One Multi-stitch Embroidery Machine
  • Four Vacuum Ironing Stations
  • 71 Dress Forms
  • 30 Pattern Making Tables
  • 120 Individual Lockers
  • 120 Storage Drawers

Digital Resources

  • Digital Resource Centre with 60 Mac Workstations
  • Software
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Stock, Illustrator Draw, Typekit, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Spark Post, Spark Video and more)
  • WGSN Trend Forecasting Software – the World’s leading trend authority

Knowledge Resource Center

  • IIFDT Library offers an integrated access to a comprehensive range of academic and reference titles on Fashion , Communication and Interior Architecture,, to understand and thrive in the Industry. Books can be issued and used for references.
  • Online – Delnet Library Network

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